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Becomes reality!

We are here to secure your intellectual investment, to maximize your potential, and to place you into pole position for your business ride. Your intellectual property rights may serve you well. May we help you from problem conception to intellectual property rights leveraging your business position.

Research and innovation

Potential business of your life.

Let us make that potential into essential success!

We speak your R&D and technology language, and offers you a facilitated innovation development with intelligence and practical realization support. 

First inventor advice

600 SEK / 30 min
  • Mutual confidential
  • Refundable upon order
  • Video call
  • Innovator toolkit
  • Protocol

Patent attorney

#### SEK / hour
  • Tradesecret
  • NDA for mission
  • Video and Teams meeting
  • Logbook of work
  • Patents
  • Industrial Design
  • Pricing table list item

IPR Intelligence

####SEK / hour
  • Tradesecret/NDA
  • Definition of intelligence needs
  • Technology landscape
  • Freedom to Operate analysis
  • Free space for innovation
  • Secure data access
  • Strategic advice upon request

You have an idéa involving a new technical solution. We investigate patentability (novelty, inventive step, technical applicability, ...) and informs you about your opportunities for successful patenting, and/or other means to protect your valuable business opportunity. Next step may be to draft a patent application, we will guide you in these decisions with your interest in mind.

To capture and formalize an idea, it is a valuable and efficient step to document its aspects and features in text and drawings. We offer you an inventor´s toolkit and mentorship to help you document your invention as an invention disclosure, to further accelerate your innovation and IPR development process. 

To protoype an idea to further develop its features and understanding of the consequences of an invention, are sometimes very efficient. Still, there are lots of pitfalls when protoyping, demonstrating as vital intellectual property rights (IPR) may get lost in the process. We may ease and facilitate a riskful complicated ride among tradesecrets, patents and other IPR while evolving protoypes, presentations, and business development.

We offer you software engineering and software architecture expertise with more than 35 years of experience from world spanning system architectures in multiple business domains, to embedded software engineering, research in software based innovation development and as teacher in the field.

We make it fun, rememberable and efficient to invent!
With experience from knowledge-organizaiton development, CODIAK principles, TRIZ/ARIZ, team building, leadership development, systematic innovation, creativity methods, theatre, conjuring, and technology forecasting; we offer method adaptation to your needs to not just only ease your collaborative, innovation and creativity effors, but also to make it a fun, enthusiastic team building exercises. 

Please feel welcome to contact us. We like difficult challenges. The impossible, just takes a bit longer to solve, and to do.

Let us boost your innovation creation and intellectual property rights opportunities.

Future technology!
– Imagine you could invent not just the next generation system or apparatus, but the third generation ahead. What a tremendous advantage would be. To win the race is very easy if you are allowed to start long before your competitors. We call our method concept <NAME NOT DISCLOSED>, which guides you from suspected needs to proven concepts with control over intellectual property rights.

Why we are here?
– We are about to fulfill what the world needs, what we are most skilled at doing, while having fun bringing enthusiasm, as a professional service for the good of business, government, inventors, science, technology and people joining us on this ride, whether you are a customer, project member, employee, or a future user of new inventions.

– Frankly, to offer the innovation boost, meaningful and fun life you deserve.

Our mascots Zaimon and Zauber, summer 2021

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Calås Innovation AB
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We operate under Swedish “F-skattebevis”

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Calås Innovation (C) captures (i) inventions and intellectual property rights, to make use of (§) legal advantages made possible by intellectual property rights and intangible assets.