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Calås Innovation (C) captures (i) inventions and intellectual property rights, to make use of (§) legal advantages made possible by intellectual property rights and intangible assets.

The Calås Innovation AB, website is about to launch 23rd of September, 2021.

If your are interested in improvements in innovation creation and use of intellectual property rights opportunities, the please visit us soon to find more information, or 

contact us now for more information, opportunities and advantages.


Göran Calås
+46 70-3236543

Calås Innovation AB
Kyrkogatan 13


We operate under Swedish “F-skattebevis”

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Future technology!
– Imagine you could invent not just the next generation system or apparatus, but the third generation ahead. What a tremendous advantage would be. To win the race is very easy if you are allowed to start long before your competitors. We call our method concept <NAME NOT DISCLOSED>, which guides you from suspected needs to proven concepts with control over intellectual property rights.

Why we are here?
– We are about to fulfill what the world needs, what we are most skilled at doing, while having fun bringing enthusiasm, as a professional service for the good of business, government, inventors, science, technology and people joining us on this ride, whether you are a customer, project member, employee, or a future user of new inventions.

– Frankly, to offer the innovation boost, meaningful and fun life you deserve.

Our mascots Zaimon and Zauber, summer 2021